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At Hay Hampers we only ever select our products from suppliers we admire. We look for authenticity and integrity in production methods and aim to build close working relationships with them to ensure we create hamper gifts that taste divine every time.  

Over the 35 years that we have been trading, we have built some very close relationships with a number of producers local to us so that we can visit with ease and understand their product completely. In recent years we have cast our tasting net further to European producers because we passionately believe in the products. We always look for producers who are doing their bit for the planet wherever possible, to coincide with our ambitions to deliver luxury hampers with minimal consequences for the planet. We want to focus on not only the planet as a whole, but local communities and future generations. 

We think our supplier producers are wonderful and want to share a bit about their stories so that you can understand the gift that you are giving as well as we do.


Click on the suppliers below to find out more:

Amaretti Virginia

Virginia is a historical brand born in 1860 that achieved fame for their soft "Amaretti" biscuits. The Italian brand is an icon to the area and has built on it's success over the years while remain true to their authentic roots.

Amaretti Virginia logo




Ballancourt was founded in 2003 supplying delicatessens, farm shops, butchers and other independent retailers all over the United Kingdom and Ireland with superb tasting, quality, traditional French produce.

Ballancourt logo




Basilur is a premium tea company located in Ceylon. Their tea is prized for its unique flavour, colour and character because of the perfect levels of humidity, temperature, sunshine, rainfall and elevation.

Basilur logo


Bibanesi boasts generations of antique traditions in the field of producing typical Venetian bread.

Bibanesi logo




Every Caluwé Artisan Chocolatier praline is the result of traditional craftsmanship and a fine eye for detail.

Caluwé logo



Cedar Baklawa

Cedar Baklawa specialises in providing the finest hand-made assorted Baklawa. They have the knowledge and expertise of the world’s most skilful bakers.

Cedar Baklawa logo

Charles Butler

Starting back in 1854, Charles Butler has continued to use original recipes and the finest ingredients to create iconic sweets from a range of eras.

Charles Butler logo



Cheurlin Dangin

Located in the Cellois vineyards in France's Ource Valley. The chalky sediment base with a clay and limestone surface layer gives the grapes the perfect flavour that's reflected in their Champagne.

Cheurlin Dangin logo



Croome Cheese

Croome Cuisine is a small family business passionate about creating cheese that reflects the iconic flavours of the Worcester region.

Croome Cheese logo

Cropwell Bishop

Handcrafted Stilton and blue cheese are made the traditional way, using recipes passed down by three generations of the Skailes family.

Cropwell Bishop logo




Drivers Pickles is a fourth-generation family company producing a range of premium pickles, chutneys and relishes. Their internationally award-winning products are made using only the finest ingredients.

Drivers logo



Duncan's of Deeside

An award-winning family-run bakery with over two decades of experience located in the Scottish highlands. They are committed and passionate about what they do.

Duncans logo

Easy 'Nduja

'Nduja is one of the most famous Calabrian products in the world made with the finest pork, smoked and matured for the perfect taste. 

Easy 'Nduja logo



Frank's Luxury Biscuits

Created in the family kitchen back in 2002, Frank's hand bake goods with no added preservatives and use only the finest natural ingredients for that homemade flavour.

Frank's Biscuits logo




The cows at Godminster Farm, in the heart of Somerset, enjoy a simple and wholesome life and as a result, produce deliciously creamy milk.

Godminster logo


Grants combine traditional time-honoured methods with the latest technology to produce award-winning smoked salmon. There is no artificial smoke, no corners cut, no quick fixes.

Grants logo



Great Glen

Great Glen is specialised in producing charcuterie using only wild Scottish venison. The family-run business was set up ten years ago by Anja and her husband Jan Jacob.

Great Glen logo



Hawkens Gingerbread

Hawkens Gingerbread is an artisan producer of high-quality gingerbread products run by husband and wife team Alastair and Kerry Hawken.

Hawkens Gingerbread logo


100% seasonal Italian food produced in Italy with Italian ingredients in order to have excellent quality. Specially imported for the use in our hampers to add an authentic taste of Italy to our gourmet hampers.

Italy2Eat logo



Lymn Bank Farm

At Lymn Bank, they pride themselves on offering a great range of products made by them with the thoughts of locality and sustainability in mind. We hope you enjoy their products.

Lymn Bank Farm logo



Manuel Caffè

Manuel Caffè is a leading Italian roasting company located in Northeast Italy. Holding long traditions and experience in coffee production, and enriching it with that inimitable Italian touch.

Manuel Caffe logo

Mrs Darlington's

There are few to rival Mrs Marion Darlington's skill in creating preserves and jams with such a fabulous homemade taste.

Mrs Darlington's logo



Nantwich Cheese

Producers of cheese for over a decade based on the border of Cheshire and Shropshire, the cheese heartland of the UK.

Nantwich Cheese logo



The Original Cake Co.

The Original Cake Company have been baking cakes for over 40 years, supplying indulgent cakes and bakes made with the best ingredients .

Original Cake Co logo

Pheasantry Brewery

Located near Newark, Pheasantry Brewery have been brewing their beers using traditional methods, from malted barley, hops, water and yeast since 2012.

Pheasantry Brewery logo



Roger Vidal

Roger Vidal, established in South Aveyron, in the village of Saint Jean du Bruel between Millau and Montpellier, remains faithful to the customs of authenticity and epicurean pleasure which reflects in their range of patés.

Roger Vidal logo




Nestled within beautiful North Wales amidst the fresh sea air and flowing water, the Snowdonia Cheese Company® was established in 2001, with the aim of creating a new and premium product.

Snowdonia logo

Teoni's Cookies

The fabulous Teoni’s Cookies team, bring dreams of creating the most delicious handmade cookies a reality. When the owner couldn't find a really good natural cookie for her children to eat, Teoni's cookies was created in her farmhouse kitchen!

Teoni's Cookies logo



Treat Co.

A deliciously different confectionary company with a sweet range for all occasions. From fizzy sweets to chocolate treats, there's a confectionary for every sweet tooth to enjoy!

Treat Co logo



Vero Lucano

Vero Lucano is a consortium of artisan bakers who maintain the tradition and bounty of their typical local products, using exclusively raw materials and recovering historical recipes from the city of Matera, in the south of Italy.

Vero Lucano logo

Villa Reale

Villa Reale creates its products in the heart of the Sicilian countryside, following long-established recipes that for generations have been locked away in Sicily’s heart. Sun soaked tomatoes form the base of many of their authentic Italian sauces.

Villa Reale logo



Wilcox Bakery

Wilcox Bakery is a small family business that concentrates on producing quality hand crafted cakes, pastries and pies. Starting in 1984, in their families kitchen, their recipes came from friends and family and are still used today for that homemade taste.

Wilcox Bakery logo



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