With 40 years of experience and knowledge in the hamper gifting industry, we still stand by our four guiding principles today - authenticity, freshness, sharing and trust. 

We aim to offer a wide range of luxury food and drink hamper gifts perfect for every occasion all year round. Our gifts deliver delicious, gourmet products from artisan producers so you can be guaranteed an extra special gift for the loved ones in your life.




It first started over 35 years ago with Jeremy and Rachel Marshall Roberts. Originally a fine wine merchants that Jeremy's wife, Rachel, expanded into a luxury hamper gifting company. Hay Hampers became incorporated in 1991 and still remains true to the original values of quality food and wine first established over three decades ago. 


Built on the previous years of knowledge and expertise, Vintners is formed on the foundations that the same fine wine merchants built Hay Hampers on. Vintners Selection is all about great wine and great people with great expertise. Fine wines are specially selected from all over the world to provide a selection for every palette.




When Hay Hampers was purchased by the Italian Da Re family in 2014, they wanted to add their own touch to the company, allora Italy2Eat was born. Founded by a passionate foodie husband and wife team and assisted by a small local team of equally passionate foodies. They infuse extraordinary passion for Italian food culture and history and seek out the very best local small producers in Italy to source fine authentic and handmade products.


Sold to a British family business with over 45 years in the fine food and gifting sector and with ambitious plans to grow Hay Hampers even further in upcoming years with many exciting plans. Our journey may have started way back in 1984 with Jeremy and Rachel, but for us today, it feels like it is only just beginning and we can't wait to take you on our journey with us!