Heart Shaped Chocolate Salami

2019-02-13 09:20:55

Delight them for Valentines with a salami made of chocolate. Learn More

Spiced Stout Beer Barbecue Sauce

2016-05-28 14:21:27

Beer is an ideal addition to your BBQ as it is a natural meat tenderiser and a deeply flavoured stout is a great way to go Learn More

Cheddar Fondue

2016-02-12 14:30:15

Fondue or Fond of You?!Our fondue made with premium British cheddar and beer is a great party meal, whether as a canapé or main dish. Easy to prepare and is perfect for dipping bread, vegetables, or apples at your next special occasion. Learn More

Pumpkin Gnocchi

2015-07-11 08:59:48

Popular throughout Italy, gnocchi are quick and easy to prepare. This variation with pumpkin is traditional from Northern Italy and mainly in autumn, when it’s pumpkin harvest season. Learn More

One of the world's best-known soft cheeses, Brie originated in north-east France, but is now made all over the world. Ours comes from Cotswold, it is organic and enhanced with this easy to make and great for Valentine’s Day recipe. Learn More

Pumpkin and Chestnuts Risotto

2015-10-27 18:28:09

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s likely that there will be many leftover pumpkins hanging around. This is the perfect recipe to use up your Halloween decoration and enjoy a tasty autumn dish. Learn More

Pumpkin Soup

2015-10-31 10:21:52

A silky textured, vegan soup sprinkled with crunchy croutons and Parmesan cheese for your Autumn gourmet dinners and your greedy Halloween night Learn More

Jaffa Cakes

2015-10-16 12:05:57

Cakes, biscuits or something else? Jaffa cakes are just well worth the effort! Made with marmalade and a bit of patience, these chocolaty spongy are just wonders. Learn More

Let the ingredients shine with this understated but indescribably delicious simple recipe.
Enjoy the last warm, sunny days of Autumn with a recipe full of flavour. Just combine tomatoes, better if they are home grown, with similarly spectacular special ingredients and authentic cooking methods that bring out the best in them. Learn More

A delicious bruschetta recipe for a simple but sophisticated canapé at break time or as an aperitif. A creative alternative to tomato bruschetta with seasonal British products Learn More

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