10 Sandwich Ideas for your Afternoon Tea

 Sandwich week


It may have passed you by, but this week is National Sandwich week!

We are a nation of sandwich lovers with the UK sandwich industry worth £8 billion in 2017. We were early adopters of sandwich shops with pre-packaged sandwiches appearing in BHS and M&S as early as the 1960s. This may be because an English aristocrat was also attributed as inventing the concept- The 4th Earl of Sandwich apparently asked his valet to bring him “meat tucked between two pieces of bread” so that he would not have to leave his gaming table to take supper and others began to order “the same as Sandwich!”

Our hampers contain many items that would make a tasty meal tucked between two pieces of bread!

Here are some ideas to inspire you and take your sandwich making to the next level this week!

1. Cooked Ham, Brie, sliced Apple with a drizzle of honey and rocket leaves.
2. Grilled Mature Cheddar & Red Onion chutney with fresh chopped spring onions
3. Soppresata, Mozzarella, chopped olives, roasted red pepper on Ciabatta
4. Stilton, Pear, Walnut and Pea shoots
5. Smoked salmon & sliced beetroot with horseradish mayonnaise
6. Ricotta, pesto with grilled mushrooms open sandwich
7. Ham, beer mustard, sauerkraut and sliced gherkins on rye
8. Smoked trout & cream cheese pate and cucumber sandwiches
9. Sardine pate, beef tomatoes and wild garlic leaves
10. Nduja, scrambled egg, Parmigiano & watercress breakfast ciabatta