The classic gift ideas for Mother’s Day are always winners. Here we suggest some ideas of how to take them to the next level.

How can we help celebrate Mother's Day?

Classic Idea 1

Bring her a home-made breakfast in bed

Take it to the next level

  • Make it amazing with fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh ground coffee, freshly baked croissants or pastries (buy frozen), poached eggs on avocado toast, porridge with nuts, seeds, dried fruit and maple syrup or Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit and honey.
  • Add fresh cut garden flowers, a good book and a handmade card, hand over with children kisses and cuddles
  • Then ensure she has the peace to enjoy it in!


Classic Idea 2

Take her out to lunch

Take it to the next level

  • Ensure all her children are present. With families being spread out, sometimes the one rarity for a mother is seeing all her children in one place!
  • Maybe involve a walk through beautiful gardens before or after (weather permitting!)
  • Maybe better than taking her out is cooking her favourite meal with love and passion no matter if you are a brilliant cook or not. Time and care are always appreciated! We have some Italian cooking ideas to share with you.
  • Don’t do lunch! Make it brunch or cocktails or afternoon tea. We have an article on afternoon tea trends here.


Classic Idea 3

Buy her flowers

Take it to the next level

  • Flowers are lovely but they are but fleeting… maybe consider a plant for the garden that can flower over and over instead.
  • Maybe even incorporate a trip to a garden centre so she can choose her own and have a nice bit of tea and cake at the café at the same time!
  • Instead of flowers how about a hamper of indulgences that can be enjoyed over a longer period of time? Our Prosecco Made me Do it is the same price as the average Mother’s day bouquet.


Classic Idea 4

Give her a card

Take it to the next level

  • Make it homemade!
  • If you aren’t crafty, make the words inside count. We have some ideas to help inspire you and bring out your inner Wordsworth!
  • Say it on something other than a card. There are loads of personalisation options available. For example, put your message on a mug, or a bottle of wine, a personalised print, a candle or even a teapot.
  • Give her a pack of cards and on each one of the 52 write something you are thankful to her for. Here is what we are thankful to our mum’s for