Here at Hay Hampers we have had another session of contemplation, thinking about our mothers in the lead up to Mother’s Day. 

Find the perfect Mother's Day Gift

Our mums have taught us a lot clearly, but if there is one thing, one piece of advice or way of looking at the world, or one lesson our mums have taught us that sticks in our mind when we think of her, what is it?

And it turns out our business has a lot to thank our staff’s mums for! We wouldn’t be the business we are without their great advice and life lessons, creating the individuals we have in the perfect roles for them!

“My mum taught me "not to put off until tomorrow what you can do today” says Steph (Business Development) “and I have carried that thought all through my life. Time is precious and I am very much a doing person”.

Wendy (Accounts) with her extremely cool head says she remembers her mum saying to “Control your temper, or it will control you” and we certainly think she heeded this advice!

Wear a coat” says Zoe (Customer Services) and to be fair she does wear one whenever the weather requires! But this also extends to a general being prepared and thinking ahead.

Simon (Warehouse Management) says although he resented all the chores at the time, he learnt a good lesson about team work and every one playing a fair part in running a household and when he left home he knew how to cook, clean, wash and iron and could completely look after himself. Now we know we have his mum to thank for the tiptop cleanliness and great team spirit of our warehouse!

“My mum taught me empathy and to always see things as best you can from other’s points of view – there is always two sides to any story” Katy (Product development) thinks this puts her in good stead to think of gifts for all sorts of people.

Holly (Corporate Sales) says ”I would have to say to always be kind to everyone, no one is ever above or below you” and it is easy to see this in her nature. She approaches everyone, she talks to the same way, with respect, interest and kindness.

Never go to bed on an argument” says Paula (Customer Services) and she never does! Now we know why she is so good at resolving things so quickly and efficiently!

Andrea (Web Management) says “If something is worth doing it is worth doing really well, and do it once and do it right, a great lesson for everyone and a brilliant attitude in any member of staff but especially the person managing our shop window.

Elisabeth (Ownership) says “my mum taught me to "think positive as there's always a solution to any issue and this positivity and can-do attitude is a key part of the ethos of Hay Hamper, carried into every aspect and every member of staff. 

So, thank you Hay Hampers Elf Mums!

What is the most important lesson your mum ever taught you?