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The Ultimate Garlic Bread


Six types of garlic: 

1. Fresh wild garlic leaves chopped – for fresh and green garlic flavour

2. Crushed Garlic Cloves mixed into butter (with optional added chopped oregano and rosemary)– for zing and peppery garlic flavour

3. Confit whole garlic cloves (simply warm whole unpeeled cloves of garlic in olive oil on the hob until soft and squishy and then pop out their jackets and tear into small pieces) – for a deep umami garlic flavour

4. The infused garlic oil from the confit process – because why waste it!

5. Our Italian garlic tapenade spread – for sweet garlic flavour

6. Our flavoured sea salt with dried garlic, rosemary and chilli flakes.


Roll out your bread dough – we use a sour dough pizza recipe, but you can use a standard bread dough recipe or buy sour dough ready to use.

Then smear on the garlic and herb butter and the tapenade in interlocking waves. Pepper with the pieces of confit garlic and chopped wild garlic and finally drizzle with the garlic oil, and season with the flavoured salt.

Heat in the very hot oven until the dough rises and browns in places.