Welsh for a Lifetime... or Just a Day!

People in Wales and those of Welsh origin celebrate the life of their patron saint and the Welsh culture on March 1st each year. St David is the patron saint of Wales and many people attend special church services, parades, choral recitals or Welsh literature readings.

The Welsh flag, a red dragon on a white and green background, is displayed prominently and a festive mood prevails. Children, particularly girls, and some adults wear traditional costume, such as red shawls and black chimney hats. Other people may pin a daffodil or a leek to their clothes as these are symbols of Wales.

The traditional meal on St David’s Day is cawl and Welsh cakes. However, all authentic Welsh products such as premium cheese are great to celebrate St. David's Day with.

 The Rainbow of Cheeses Welsh Snowdonia Cheeboard - Hay Hampers