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Hay Hampers chocolate flowers are 100% edible as they are made with high quality chocolate and natural colouring ingredients such as blueberry, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry pastes. Their stems are a solid chocolate cylinder whereas the petals are made with a modelling white chocolate. They are completely handcrafted with passion in Estonia, where low temperatures are not suitable for flowers and expertise has made these substitutes even more attractive than real flowers.

In fact, Hay Hampers chocolate flowers look extremely realistic with their rose, iris, orchid or carnation blooms and their natural colours. Like real flowers, they have an attractive scent, but of cocoa and vanilla in this case.
Gabriele Da Re, Managing Director at Hay Hampers Ltd, said: “Real flowers are chemically processed when they are cut and stored to preserve them and make their petals and leaves shine as long as possible. Our chocolate flowers are long lasting… provided you don’t eat them!”

Hay Hampers chocolate flowers, which are an original gift idea not only for Mother’s Day but also for other celebrations such as a birthday or an anniversary, can be bought in a bouquet or combined with sparkling wine, premium chocolates and other delicacies.