If you are not sure which Valentines gift to buy, you will have no doubt after reading here:


Chocolate flowers - Hay Hampers


1.      Our chocolate flowers look extremely beautiful with their natural colours and realistic with their rose, iris, orchid and carnation shape;

2.    They are 100% edible;

3.    Their petals are made with delicious modelling white chocolate and the stem from a solid, high quality, chocolate cylinder;

4.    They have an attractive and inviting scent of coca and vanilla;

5.    They are completely handcrafted by expert and passionate hands;

6.    No artificial colours are used but natural ingredients such as blueberry, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry pastes;

7.    As they never wither, they are long lasting… provided you don’t eat them!

8.    You can have them in a bouquet or combine with sparkling wine and premium chocolates;

9.    They are an exclusive but affordable gift at the same time;

10.  They are a perfect original gift idea not only for Valentine’s Day but also for Mother’s Day, a birthday or an anniversary.