End-of-term is fast approaching, which means so is the deadline for finding the perfect end-of-term gift for your child’s favourite teacher. Since food gifts are a safe bet and always appreciated, we’ve come up with a list of gourmet hampers to suit every type of teacher.



Teacher writing on blackboard


The Traditional Type: Apple of My Eye Hamper

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics. An apple for the teacher is a time-honoured tradition - but it’s going to struggle to compete with all those bottles of wine and boxes of chocolate. That’s why we’ve come up with a gourmet Apple for the Teacher hamper that sticks to the theme with sparkling cider, apple-pie cookies and apple crisps.


The Healthy Eater: Garden of Eden Hamper

If they opt out of fish-and-chips Friday in the school canteen in favour of their own, homemade superfood salad, they’re probably not going to appreciate piles of chocolates arriving on the desk at the end of term. Instead, how about our vegan-friendly Garden of Eden hamper, which is full of fruit, tea and healthier snacks?


The Get-Up-and-Goer: Coffee Morning Hamper

The teacher who’s always in the classroom bright and early and often seen power-walking around the playground at break must be fuelled by coffee. Feed their habit with our Coffee Morning hamper, filled with a gourmet selection of cakes, cookies and caffeine.


The Fun One: You’re a Grape Influence! Hamper

For the teacher who somehow manages to make maths lessons entertaining, try our pun-loving You’re a Grape Influence! hamper. They’ll love the jokey label and it’s packed with a delicious combination of sweet treats and red wine to help them make the most of the summer holidays.


Add a heartfelt note from your child to let their teacher know how much they’re appreciated, and you’ll be teacher’s pet in no time!