Teacher Gift


The culture of gift giving to teachers seems to be well established now... and why not? After all our teachers are under more and more pressure to perform and increasingly have to contend with growing class sizes and enough red tape to stretch to the moon and back. Our children often spend more time with their teachers and teaching assistants than they do with us! They have a huge influence on the shaping of our little treasures. Teachers in primary schools regularly get called “Mum” or “Dad” and many of us have been called by our children’s teacher’s name!
The influence of a good teacher or teaching assistant can make the world of difference to a child’s education and progress - inspiring them to strive always to do their best and building their confidence to make the most of opportunities they are given. Given this pivotal role our teachers and TA’s fulfil, surely it is only fitting to say our own thank you at the end of the academic year - be it individually or collectively as a class? One website giving advice on teacher gifts says we should consider that teachers have lots of students each year and a new class each year but they have limited capacity to store trinkets and knick-knacks.
As is so often the case with gifts, consumables beat collectables for teacher gifts. Whilst personal interests and tastes may be many and varied, one thing we all have in common is that we eat and so a gift of foodie treats will always be welcomed. Whilst Tiffany bracelets and Mulberry handbags are mentioned online as gifts received by some very fortunate teachers, we have some more modest but tastier suggestions.
Thank You Tea Time Delights (Ref. BC130) contains a selection of sweet treats at £23.95 delivered. Or if you’d like teacher to have a little tipple to enjoy try the Thank You Wine and Treat gift (BC132) which offers savoury and sweet treats and a bottle of red wine at just £29.40 delivered. All of our gifts come with a gift card printed with your message included.
But if you prefer to add a personal touch, a simple drawing or letter from your child saying thank you for their help can often say so much more than any grand gesture and also shows that a little time and thought has gone into the gift. If you’d like to include your child’s picture with one of the suggested hampers, we can arrange this too.