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This week’s taste to try is something we are very excited to introduce to you, our customers - The House of Elrick Gin. This exciting new product is an artisanal masterclass in spirit distilling, made in batches of 600 which have all been distilled by hand, so that they can carefully control the quality of every single bottle that leaves their distillery.

So who are the House of Elrick?

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Based on an estate in the lowlands of Aberdeenshire, with a rich heritage and history seeping throughout it walls, the House of Elrick Estate was constructed in 1720; at the very height of the Scottish Enlightenment period. This explosion of intellectual and scientific discovery led to many evenings hosted on the House of Elrick Estate itself, where some of the most revered and respected creative, philosophical and scientific minds would meet. The house passed hands five times over the course of 300 years. Occupants of the home were often well travelled, curious about the world around them, and would frequently travel to Florence in Italy – where new scientific and philosophical learnings were made, many of which echoed the voices of many leading Scottish Enlightened thinkers of the period.

Upon returning to the estate, further evenings were hosted which would expand upon the philosophical, scientific and creative discussions. The estate was gifted the Jacobite rose by Bonnie Prince Charlie – and this gift can still be seen to this day, growing inside their beautiful walled garden in the heart of the estate.

What makes the House of Elrick Gin so special?

House of Elrick Gin Gift Set ImageThe simple answer is attention to detail. The master of Gin at the Estate is charged with hand-picking the finest botanical products for use in the gin. The very core of the gin is constructed around the flavours of heather, pink peppercorns, sweet fennel and rose petals. This is then further complimented with the addition of juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and citrus peel, for a distinctive infusion of flavours which adds an aromatic quality to House of Elrick Gin which is unrivalled.

The flavours are only part of the process which makes this product so special. The water used for the spirit itself is made using only the freshest water from Loch Ness itself, which lends it an earthy, yet fresh sensation. Distilled in a bespoke pot still, this gins bold infusion of flavours can be enjoyed in its purest when simply served over ice, and combines well with other mixers for a variety of beautiful cocktails.

The house of Elrick have a strong belief which aligns much with our own ethical outline, championing and supporting independent farmers and suppliers to ensure absolute quality, to allow them to source the finest high quality ingredients for processing their gin with absolute confidence.

The house of Elrick Gin is available now in our online store as part of a wonderful Gift Set