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This weeks taste to try is stuffed chine ham - a local Lincolnshire recipe, popularised in the 1800’s and remaining a popular speciality dish in the area today.

Boston market in 1945An excellent example of getting the most out of using lesser cuts of meat. Hailing back to a time where food waste was unheard of. Originating from the Boston area, this traditional Lincolnshire dish is made from the meat on the back of the neck of the pig, between the shoulder blades – a cut so synonymous with the stuffed chine and its origins it is also referred to as the “Boston Butt”.

Traditionally, this cut has some muscle either side, with the resulting meat being left to wet cure for up to ten days – usually similar cures to regular bacon, a combination of salts, sugar and molasses, and a selection of spices. This was mixed in a solution of beer and water prior to the joint being added.

After this wet cure period, the resulting joint is then further salt cured for up to a week. Historically stuffed chine was a dish image of stuffed chine, a lincolnshire specialty for peasants, in a time where any food was a precious commodity, and very little, if nothing was thrown away.

Once fully cured, the meat is then given deep cuts, which were then packed with whatever could be found at the time – normally a combination of Thyme, Parsley, Onions and Lettuce; although this was all dependant on the time of year.

The meat was then wrapped and cooked for up to four hours and left to cool before serving. Carved into thin slices, with the contrasting layers of stuffing giving the meat a striped appearance. Traditionally, stuffed chine was served with a dash of vinegar.

In honour of this local traditional recipe, we’ve sourced the very best quality stuffed chine from Curtis of Lincolns, artisanal masters of their trade who have 200 years of experience under their belts - ensuring our stuffed chine is an authentic and delicious culinary experience- a true taste of Lincolnshire. Enjoy this delicious stuffed Chine as part of a unique lunch treat for yourself, or maybe as part of one of our Gourmet Hampers.