Behind every luscious chocolate and treat we devour throughout the year, there are six million people globally who depend on growing cocoa for their livelihoods. Most cocoa farmers in Africa live on less than a $1 a day. Poverty, and its many related issues, such as child labour, is the key challenge faced by cocoa growing communities.

Caluwé - Artisan Chocolate Producer

Our luxury chocolates are made by Caluwé Artisan, an artisan chocolatier who switched its entire production to chocolate from Barry Callebaut’s Quality Partner Program (QPP) in 2012. Through this programme, Barry Callebaut supports cocoa producers, i.e. local farmers with small-scale production, with education in good agricultural practices. In doing so, they help them improve the quality of their cocoa and make their economic activities more sustainable. By producing cocoa of even better quality, the farmers can increase their earnings and consequently enjoy a better quality of life. With QPP, the cocoa farmers receive fair prices for their work and have better prospects for their quality of life, local social causes receive the necessary support and you can savour unforgettable chocolate moments on the other side.

Since 1968, the Caluwé family has been producing chocolates of the highest quality in Belgium. Only the finest raw materials are used and combined with passion and attention to detail to ensure consistent quality.

Caluwé pralines are made exclusively with quality chocolate from Barry Callebaut sourced from sustainably grown single-origin cocoa from Ivory Coast. To allow that full flavour to develop, their cocoa beans undergo a 100% natural, biologically stimulated fermentation process at the plantation.

"The special fermentation process applied by Barry Callebaut ensures maximum flavour and aroma in the bean" says Koen Caluwé, managing director Caluwé Artisan.

The traditional quality of Caluwé Belgian pralines is paramount. All their fillings are made 100% in-house from the finest raw materials and using their very own recipes. The finishing of the pralines is still largely done by hand in the traditional way. Their qualified chocolatiers and passionate employees demonstrate their sense of taste and their eye for detail every day.

Just taste this passion in one of our chocolate hampers this Valentine's Day!