So Thursday is St George’s Day but it turns out he wasn’t English, never visited England, wasn’t a knight and in all probability did not slay a dragon, but does that matter?

St George'd Day

St George’s day doesn’t hold as much prominence in the hearts of the English in the same way as St Patrick’s or St David or St Andrew. Traditional observances are said to include church services, Punch and Judy shows, Morris dancing displays. The most I have ever seen is the St George’s cross flying.
However, on this day of patriotic pride in England, and as we head towards our 6 th week of lockdown, we thought it was worth reminding ourselves of all the reasons why we know we can get through this!

#staysafe #wecandothis

Typical English traits that will help us.

1. We are great at queuing – very helpful when we have to queue with courtesy and patience to buy essential supplies

2. Our love of a cup of tea – and our belief in its ability to solve and soothe in times of trouble

3. Our eccentric and pervasive sense of humour – our ability to take the mickey out of ourselves has led to loads of great funny and amusing creations doing the rounds in whats app and the like.

4. An Englishman’s home is his castle – so they say – which is very handy when that is where you have to stay all the time. Also our love of DIY is quite uniquely British!

5. Our love of an English Country Garden. Makes for a pleasant break from the castle interior! Our endless fascination with the weather has also benefited as we can spend so much longer watching it.

6. Our love and passionate support of the underdog – against this pandemic crisis – we humans are very much the underdog.

7. The famous stiff upper lip – the very definition of which is fortitude and stoicism in the face of adversity.

8. Our love of animals and our pets. 50% of households have a pet. They bring is joy and comfort and company, especially if living alone.

9. Our creative approach to food – we have always taken elements of other cultures food and blended and bent them to our will to produce a very British form of fusion cooking. Think Ready, steady, cook… never has that been so useful when getting hold of food is tricky.

10. Most importantly the proud British institution that is the NHS and the amazing sacrifices and bravery of every person working there.

And what's better than a Come On England - Sporting Hamper to celebrate our patron saint?