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Six Nations, Hay Hampers - Ref. SG31C

Six Nations

Rugby fever is upon us! This savoury hamper of cheese, pate, beer and nibbles, which is very popular during the Six Nations, is highly enjoyable feast to enjoy and makes a great gift even if you aren't interested in the rugby. Just try it!

Pre-Dinner Nibbles, Hay Hampers - Ref. CH91C

Pre-Dinner Nibbles

A wonderful gift for a gathering, with a bottle of delicious Argentinian Malbec Merlot and a variety of savoury nibbles, including pate, oatcakes,olives, crackers, snacks, nuts, crisps and dip. Plus a couple of sweet items that can be enjoyed with coffee afterwards.


Cheese, Beer and Nibbles, Hay Hampers - Ref. X009

Cheese, Beer and Nibbles

The Award Winning Green Thunder cheese truckle from Snowdonia cheese company skilfully balances the powerful flavours of mature cheddar with garlic and herbs. Cheese lovers will really appreciate it with a nice cold glass of Guinness. His favourite things...