With Veganuary well underway, it’s time for reports. 2020 has proven to be a huge year for the challenge, smashing 2019’s record of 250,000 participants worldwide. According to the non-profit organisation that encourages plant-based living, a record-breaking 370,000 people signed up to take part in the campaign and give a try to vegan food this January.

Vegan trendsThe campaign, which has been running since 2014, asks meat eaters, pescatarians and vegetarians to adopt a plant-based lifestyle for the month of January, as well as giving advice about how to continue the lifestyle changes once Veganuary is over.

It’s clear to see how interest in veganism has been steadily increasing in the past few years and how much of an impact the vegan market has had, and is still continuing to have, on the food industry. You only need to take a short walk in any of Britain’s major cities to see the number of vegan offerings in cafes, restaurants and pubs everywhere, especially in London. There’s a truth that big trends, particularly in food and drink, start in cities and then they filter out.

According to recent researches, 1 in 3 Brits say that they are eating significantly more vegan and vegetarian meals in their diets. So getting ahead of the movement and making offerings accessible for those following vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diets can only be beneficial.

As a hamper company which is always very careful to food trends and has innovation in its ethos, we launched our first vegan hamper in 2017 and expanded our range of vegan food gifts the following year. For us, vegan food ties up with our support to British food farmers.