After sunset on 23rd April, hundreds of millions of Muslims across the world embark on Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. A month of fasting is already a big challenge and in these difficult conditions an extra level of challenge. 

Halal Hamper Gifts

We ourselves are not Muslims and have no direct experience of the challenge or the rewards felt as a consequence of Ramadan, but we know many who are and admire them greatly. 

With no food or water passing their lips from sunrise to sunset, (which in the UK can be a long stretch) while maintaining school/work is a challenge indeed and it is not just fasting but also spiritual detox with all temptations resisted, and prayer and charity, love and kindness prioritised.

Family get-togethers become a priority at the meals at the end of fasting. And the celebration of Eid at the end of Ramadan is full of joy.

Something that resonates with the period we are going through, no matter our religion is the fact that strength can be gained by everyone going through this challenging time together. That even in times of difficulty, love, charity and kindness can come to the fore and gain extra strength. And that a period walking through difficult and challenging times brings an extraordinary feeling of gratitude for those things you have had to surrender and sacrifice, we are all so much more grateful for the things we have, and so much more appreciative of the power of human contact and our loved ones being physically close.

We have a range of Halal hampers with no alcohol or meat products, filled with delicious sweet and exotic delicacies such as dates, Turkish delight, baklava, chocolates and nuts, that our customers send to eat other over Ramadan and Eid.