Eid gifts


Even if you don’t practice Ramadan, you might have heard the words imsak and iftar. Imsak refers to the practice of fasting during the day, while iftar translates to “break” - meaning to break the fast at the end of the day.

Iftar coincides with the sun going down, so it comes at different times in different countries (and even cities) and changes slightly on each day. You can find Ramadan timetables for UK cities in the Salah Times.

Iftar meals are made for sharing, which means that olives, sweets, dates and other nibbles are perfect. We made our Ramadan and Eid hampers with family gatherings in mind, and filled them with premium-quality cakes, fruits and chocolates. We even made a health-food hamper to help give you all the fuel and nutrients you need.

Ramadan Kareem!