Not just a coffee, but a prestigious Italian coffee is what we offer in our hamper gifts.

Its name is Manuel and it is great both made with a cafetière and a coffee filter as blend is the most important factor for a superb coffee and Manuel blend is just unique and very high quality.

Capriccio Coffee by Manuel contains a mix of 70% Arabica coffee beans and 30% high selected Robusta coffee beans for an original, round bodied flavour with chocolate back taste. Try a hot cup of Capriccio coffee with crumbly, crisp biscuits and tell us your opinion.


Italian coffee biscuits cakes hamper gift box - Hay Hampers


We at Hay Hampers have attended a training course at Manuel to learn how to serve a great coffee to you. Theory and practice have been the basis for a full day course in Italy, where we were taught about bean selection and roasting, recipes for the perfect espresso, marketing and communication to offer you only the best product quality and the most competent service.


Manuel Italian coffee training course 


Manuel as a company idea started with Giuseppe De Giusti in the north east of Italy in the early fifties. Roasting soon became more a passion than a job for Giuseppe and he could perfectly recognise roasted beans just by looking at their colour. He married and decided together with his wife Bruna to make his skill a job. So he opened an artisan roasting business and he called it Manuel Caffè. Since the beginning, Manuel has supplied only the best products to bars and coffee shops. Emanuela, Mauro and Cristina, their sons, inherited their parents’ love for coffee, starting a new chapter in the story. Manuel is nowadays a business full of flavour and tradition, it’s calm and boiling just like a cup of coffee!