We all do it, we are keen to see people at this time of year, and before you know it the phrase pop over for some drinks and nibbles falls out of mouths and then you are committed. Then the stress of realising you have accidently created a party scenario and need to provide said nibbles!

Party season: how to enjoy Christmas the best

Fortunately the party food scene has developed and supermarkets, delicatessen and even hamper companies can provide some great options, from classic to ‘out there’. Sometimes it is useful to have an idea before you go out of the kind of thing you want, as you can be overwhelmed. So here we have put some ideas together for you. Sometimes convenience is king, but sometime it is nice to prepare something relatively simple but impactful.  One thing to also remember in this era is the varied dietary requirements – it is useful to have a range of things suitable for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores, those with nut, diary or wheat allergies. Also remember it deosn’t have to all be meat, dairy and sugar – there are many healthier options and ideas. We hope this least proves useful for inspiration purposes.

- Dips such as, Layered dips, Flavoured houmous, Vegan dips, Easy to make homemade dips such as avocado dip, smoked mackerel pate, fresh pea dip, or a baked camembert studded with rosemary and garlic, lovely homemade fresh salsas - present in a bread bowl for impact
- Crudites – don’t just stick with boring carrots and peppers, mix it up with  colourful alternatives such as radish, coloured carrots, asparagus, fennel, artichoke, sugar snap peas endive and radicchio,
Crisps and Nuts – these provide easy vegan, gluten free, and nut free nut alternatives such as wasabi peas, thai crackers, roasted chick peas and habas fritas for those with allergies
- Pork scratchings
- Charcuterie such as salami, cured meats and cured fish
- Olives and Antipasti such as stuffed pepperdew peppers – you can always add interest to oloives by creating your own marinade using herbs and spicesand even chunks of cheese you have.
- Bruschetta and crostini spread with lovely things such as our tapenade or nduja
- Pate and fresh bread – lovely artisan pates are available and we love our fish pates such as smoked trout pate and sardine pate
- Cheeseboard, chutney and crackers with grapes
- All the many and varied freezer based options such as spring rolls, sausage rolls, prawn rings, gyoza, vol au vents, chicken goujons, chicken wings, wontons, bhaji,
- Tear and share bread options, easy to make or buy, or half way make frozen dough and add the yummy bits before baking fresh,
- Easy nibbles made with ready rolled pastry, such as pinwheels stuffed with anchovies, marmite, cheese, or cheese sticks,
- A big bowl of fresh fruit salad
- Tray-bakes of brownies or chocolate biscuit cake cut into tiny squares 
- Dried fruit and nougat bites – such as our torrone, and chocolate covered sour cherries and walnut stuffed dried figs