Picnic Basket

Picnic season is finally here! Make sure you’re ready for it with our guide to the mistakes to avoid when planning a picnic.

Not Checking the Weather Forecast

Checking the weather forecast any more than a few hours in advance is almost as bad. If the Great British Summer is known for anything, it’s inconsistency. Remember to check the forecast for the area you’re planning to picnic in on the morning of so you don’t get caught in an unexpected shower.

Forgetting the Plates

This also goes for cups and cutlery. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting on a picnic blanket and staring at the wheel of cheese that noone has a knife to cut. Disposable cups and plates can quickly add up (in terms of cost and both environmental impact), so instead, consider getting a picnic hamper that comes with plates, glasses and all your other essentials that can be reused time and time again.

Not Packing Enough

Don’t forget that picnics are all about the food, so make sure that you have enough to go around! It’s always better to have too much than too little, and you can always take any extras home with you. Stock up on favourite foods in particular; there’s no point having ten ham sandwiches if everyone dives straight on the cheese ones.

Ignoring Storage Instructions

However sunny the day, nobody wants to sit down to a meal of soggy sandwiches or icy sausage rolls. Make sure that you check the storage instructions on any food that you’re planning to take with you and, if necessary, invest in a cool-bag to keep it fresh. On a similar note, make sure you don’t end up with squashed cakes by remembering to pack the jars and all your heaviest items on the bottom.

Make sure you avoid these mistakes and it’ll be a picnic!