Picnic best spots

1. Best for mythological creatures: Loch Ness Urquhart Castle. Picnic next to the Loch with Urquhart in view and keep an eye out for Nessie – Make sure to include Scottish favourite; macaroni cheese pies! 
2. Best for grandeur - Chatsworth house, Derbyshire. Sit near the cascade water feature for the gentle sound of running water, with the stately home in view and feel like a Duchess. – Make sure to include a Bakewell tart.
3. Best for spirituality – Stonehenge. Connect to prehistory by taking in this 4500 year old megalith structure – Make sure to include a rock cake or two!
4. Best for sunrise magic - Durdle Door. Get there at the right time of year at the right time and capture the magic of the sun rising through the Durdle Door arch. Make sure to take Bacon butties and hot chocolate, picnics don’t have to be lunch!
5. Best for making you feel small - Giants Causeway, County Antrim. Enjoy a hike along the clifftops to this World Heritage Site- the result of an ancient volcanic eruption that will fill you with awe. Make sure to include Soda Bread and smoked salmon.
6. Best for colour -Wistman’s Wood, Devon. A woodland festooned with moss and lichen over the trees and granite boulders make the whole look like liquid green. Make sure to include lots of yummy green things, like Guacamole dip, cucumber and green pepper batons, herby potato salad.
7. Best for magic - Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye. With multiple waterfalls and crystal clear vibrant blue pools, you will definitely want to have a dip. Make sure to include fairy cakes!
8. Best for scent - Lavender Fields of Norfolk. Go when the Lavender is in bloom and be blown away by the colour and scent. Make sure to take fresh strawberries and lemon shortbread which will pair well with the scent of the lavender.
9. Best for London dwellers - Richmond Park. Enjoy mixing with the deers in this Royal Park of majestic proportions. Make sure to include Egg and Cress finger sandwiches.
10. Best for young children - Fineshades Wood, Northamptonshire. Hunt for the gruffolo in these woods with lovely foot and cyclepaths with a myriad of wildlife. Make sure to include roasted fox, scrambled snake and owl ice cream – all the gruffolo’s favourites!
11. Best for still peace – Coniston, Lake District – Overlooked by the Old man of Coniston this quiet lakeside spot is beautifully peaceful. Make sure to include Kendal mint cake and Cumbrian Sausage roll.
12. Best for Spring time – Farndale, North Yorkshire. Visit in early spring and enjoy the their famous Daffodil Walk – Make sure to include Yorkshire puddings and Wensleydale cheese.