Our tastings continue – this time: Luxury chocolates.

tasting new products

You know, we make a lot of sacrifices to make sure only the best items make it into our hampers so your recipient really enjoys the gift you send!

Of course, all our luxury choices are from Belgium, but what is so special about Belgian chocolate that makes it the only choice for a certain style of chocolates?

Belgium’s love of chocolate (its third biggest export after diamonds and carpets), developed in the 1800s when it shipped cocoa back from Congo, it’s then colony.  In 1912 a Belgian developed the process of using couverture (small disks of chocolate with a greater quantity of cocoa butter) to melt down and create special glossy bonbons with varied fillings. Hence forth Belgium created a huge culture of chocolatiers; there are over 2000 (that is one every 6 sq-mles). With such a strong ingrained cultural tradition, the pride in its trade ensures the quality remains at the highest level.