This Italian black olive pate or tapenade - as we would probably describe it in the UK – is made in Sicily using the finest and freshest hand-picked Sicilian black olives.

Olive pate


All the main ingredients are processed with artisan methods straight after the harvest in order to guarantee the product’s authenticity and quality.

Our black olive pate comes from the heart of Sicilian countryside, in an environment that can only be described as ‘pure’, far away from the smog, noise and interference brought about by a city, the harmonious fusion of nature, aroma and colour takes place. It is here that Villa Reale has been creating their natural preserves since 30 years.

Wonderful spread on crostini or other crackers and enjoyed with a chilled glass of wine to get the appetite going, our black olive pate is also great spread on grilled fish or added to a delicious pasta Puttanesca.

You can get it in our cheese gifts and Christmas hampers.