Nims Apple Fruit Crisps
Winner of a Food Manufacturing Excellence Award, for innovation in 2016!

A delicious alternative to traditional baked crisps, Nims Apple Fruit Crisps are a healthy choice for those who want a new taste experience. Every bite is packed with crunch and flavour, and they even count as part of your five a day!

The brand emerged in 2012, caused by entrepreneurial cafe owner Nimisha Rajas frustration at the lack of truly healthy and tasty alternatives to crisps. So she sought out to revolutionise the snack market by offering a product that would appeal to adults and children alike. The very first of their kind on the market, Nim’s have come on leaps and bounds with their selection of products, offering a variety of taste experiences which are out of this world.

Nims only use the freshest of ingredients, and are created at their UK based factory. Using a unique air drying method, this allows the crisps to keep their delicious natural flavours locked in, and their colouring vibrant and eye-catching.  

We've hand-picked these ourselves for a number of our hampers, such as our Mulled Wine Gift Hamper. We're positive you're going to love them as much as we do! So with only 66 calories a pack, what are you waiting for?