Shot of the Festivities Selection

As Christmas draws ever closer, our new week, new gift is the appropriately named “festivities” gift. This delightful yuletide feast is filled to the brim with festive treats! Included in the set is a choice of two cheeses, pate and a selection of our finest savoury items, in addition to traditional Christmas treats which are all blind taste tested by our very own team of Christmas elves!!

So what can you expect to find in the Festivities gift box set ?


Snowdonia Cheese Company Green Thunder Cheddar

The first of our two cheeses represents a true achievement in cheese making that any true lover of cheese will 100% appreciate! A striking combination of artisanal mature cheddar, with garlic and garden herbs make this strong cheese a real winner when it comes to taste. Sealed in wax to preserve its freshness, the Green Thunder Cheddar is one you shouldn’t pass up on – it’s a gold medal winner at the Global Cheese Awards!

Cropwell Bishop Stilton Cheese in Wax

The second of our cheeses is another hand-crafted award winner, this time from the masters at Cropwell Bishop Creamery. They have developed this prestigious blue stilton – which is no surprise as Cropwell Bishop is famous for this very cheese! Featuring a rich and tangy flavour and a crumbly, melt in the mouth texture thanks to its 12 weeks aging process, this is perfect with a glass of port, walnuts or honey, for a delicious taste explosion.

Noble Savoury Cheese Biscuits

Still on the cheese theme, but this time something for the fans of snacks! Noble savoury are hand-crafters of these gourmet cheddar biscuits, which include real cheese for an authentic taste sensation. They’re light and tasty, with just the right amount of flavour to set your taste buds off!

Martins Artisan Iced Fruit Cake

We’ve covered cheeses, so let us move onto something a little more befitting of the hampers name – Fruit Cake. Handmade in Martins Craft Bakery in Manchester, they use only the finest flour and fruit in this rich and luxurious Christmas fruit cake, topped with a thin layer of icing. Hand baked for us in small batches and sent direct from the supplier, they offer a traditional taste of Christmas cheer.

Martins Deep-Filled Mince Pies x6

Another traditional artisanal masterclass from Martins Craft Bakery, these gourmet, handmade mince pies are filled deep with sumptuous spiced mincemeat, encased in a crumbly short pastry. Baked in small batches for us direct from the bakery, this is the ultimate form of mince pies – no mass production whatsoever, for a terrific yuletide treat to enjoy in front of the fire.

Curtis Butchers’ Stuffed Chine Ham

A traditional Lincolnshire delicacy, with roots in Boston, the stuffed chine is a classic combination of cured pork, which has been interlaced with parsley and other mixed herbs. The resulting product is a lovely thick slice of pink ham, with flashes of green where the herbs pave their way through. This cold cut of meat is delicious in rolls and sandwiches, or as a dish on its own with a combination of vegetables and potatoes for a rustic Lincolnshire experience.

Roger Vidal Pate de Canard (Duck Pate)

A product of artisanal production by the artisanal masters at Roger Vidal in Aveyron region of France – a region which is actually synonymous with the art of charcuterie. This pate is a gastronomy pleasure, made in the traditional way – with a combination of pork fat and duck, with a number of seasonings to create a delicious topping for your toast and bruschetta!

Materamore Classic Taste Tarallini

Finally we have a savoury delight which is a real favourite in our office! Tarallini are stretched by hand. A traditional Italian snack which offers a similar texture to pretzels, crunchy and moreish! A definite treat to enjoy as a standalone snack whilst you’re sat around the TV this Christmas!

Donelli Peach Sparkling Grape Juice

After all that food, you're going to want to wash it down with something. Luckily we thought ahead, and we included this sparkling bottle of delicious, refreshing peach and grape juice! Sourced direct from the Italian supplier, this provides a good alternative for those who do not drink alcohol. The perfect tipple to finish your evening off with, either on its own, in a spritzer, or with vodka or gin for a tasty cocktail.

And there you have it! Everything you could ever want for Christmas – Sans the horrific festive jumper of course! You can see the Festivities gift in our online store