If you’re looking for a special gift for true connoisseurs of fine foods, and enthusiastic and adventurous gastronomic explorers – Our fantastic Truffle Aficionado Hamper is sure to go down a storm!

The Truffle Aficionado Hamper

Bound in a stylish lidded wicker basket, this lovely hamper comes complete with two truffle sauces, each with their own distinct nuances for a variety of flavour.

Black Truffle Sauce

A pure black truffle sauce with a heady, rich taste – the perfect compliment for our Calamarata pasta rings, named so after Calamari rings. A rich and exciting flavour awaits!

White Truffle Sauce

A more refined flavour than the Black Truffle Sauce, this lighter and sweeter variant features tiny hints of garlic and shallot, for an intriguing taste which can accompany a versatile number of dishes.

In addition to this excellent selection of our finest artisan truffle sauces, the Truffle Aficionado Hamper comes with a delightfully earthy Truffle cheese, flecked with shaved summer truffle for a gorgeous taste which can be enjoyed on its own or over pasta dishes, or as we prefer – grilled over roasted vegetables.

Salsiccia Tartufo

Truffle Salami is a decadent cured meat which is amazing when combined with olives, cheese and roasted artichokes as an appetiser with a rich flavour. It can even be sliced thinly and put on pizza for a unique twist on a classic.

Black Truffle Tagliatelle

Using the finest egg pasta from central Italy, and infusing it with the finest shavings of black truffles – this delectable artisan pasta offers a gourmet alternative to regular Tagliatelle.

Don’t think we’ve left out snacks! The hamper also comes loaded with a pack of Minitele handmade Italian crackers, which are perfect with the truffle cheese, or dipped in your favourite sauce.

Organic EV Olive Oil & Truffle, Principe Gerace 100

Looking for a garnish with panache? This extra virgin olive oil hails from southern Italy, and has been enhanced with truffles being infused into the oil for a month – a traditional recipe of Calabrian peasants.

Used either as a salad dressing or an enhancer to a number of meats and vegetables, this intense flavoured olive oil adds an extra dimension to your gastronomy skills.

If you’re after a nice drink to wash all that lovely food down, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Truffle Aficionado Hamper also comes with a lovely Italian Barbera D’Alba, made with 100% Barbera grapes – which pairs perfectly with hard cheese and red meats.