The phrase ‘party foods’ recalls a variety of images: cheese, crisps, crackers, olives, dips. These are staples of the party food world that have attained the status of classics. But just because something is classic, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for it to evolve. For example, an area of party food that has been undergoing a transformation is the dips, crackers, crisps and soft drinks sector.

Christmas Party Season

Dips are a cornerstone of the party food platter. They types of dip that make their way into the spotlight have changed over the years. On a global scale, the market for tapenades, dips and spreads has been projected to grow. The UK dip market has benefited from the influence of globalised options, with the rising interest in recipes and flavours from other countries.

Vegetable tapenades are becoming more and more popular as they go well with main meals; they are lovely as a gift on their own; they are great for kids; they sustain you for a good length of time, and buying a selection to offer as party food is a win win situation. You can jazz them up with lots of brightly coloured fresh vegetables and other party foods. With 3.5 million vegans in the UK, party-planners are becoming more conscientious of ensuring vegan option is provided.

One of the nibbles that is rarely lacking at a party is a stack of crackers or a bowl of crisps. While these have remained fixtures of the party platter, their modern options have undergone transformation. With the health food market growing massively, over two-thirds of Britons are looking to buy healthier alternatives, according to research by the IRI.

Potato crisps, of course, remain a staple. What the market has seen a tendency towards are flavour profiles that push boundaries, providing something different.

The search for new and bold flavours drives not only party foods, but also drinks. The rising demand for adult soft drinks extends past the usual sodas. The party drink scene is on the prowl for beverages that are delicious without being over-sweet and interesting while still being elegant, such as still and sparking juices or exotic lemonades.