New Campaign from Hay Hampers to Cut Waste at Christmas


Hay Hampers is launching a brand new campaign to cut waste by inviting their clients to reuse their gift packaging this Christmas season.

Named ‘Relish, Reuse, Rejoice’, the campaign aims to offer a range of suggestions about how customers can repurpose their wicker baskets. A leaflet, which will be sent to all Hay Hampers’ customers together with their Christmas hampers, will provide illustrations explaining how customers can find ongoing and alternative uses for the baskets. 

wicker basket reuse


After the goodies have been enjoyed, wicker baskets can actually become handy containers for newspapers, photos and other memorabilia. In addition, they can be used in a number of more creative ways depending on their size, such as laundry boxes, planters and even a comfortable new home for your pet.

Made in buff single weave willow, Hay Hampers’ wicker baskets are durable and easy to clean, versatile gifts in themselves which continue to provide pleasure long after the contents of the hamper have been consumed.

The ‘Relish, Reuse, Rejoice’ campaign is part of a wider plan which started last year to increase the number of products with sustainable and reusable packaging in Hay Hampers’ gift range.

“We’ve been working on this project for over a year striving to focus on the packaging to ensure that every product in our hampers offers great value to the customer even after the contents have gone,” explains Gabriele Da Re, Managing Director at Hay Hampers.

The selection process for Hay Hampers’ products is a prime step in the overall production of their hampers and gift sets.

“We hold taste testing sessions with our team of foodies, and together we select the very best in artisan produce, always considering three critical control points – taste, ingredients and packaging,” Gabriele Da Re adds.

“For us, sustainability is key and when we are brainstorming new and exciting ideas to bring to market, this is always one of the key factors in that process”.  






For further information, please contact:

Elisabeth Och –

Tel. 01476 550 420; @HayHampers



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Notes to Editors:

Hay Hampers Ltd. is a family-run gift hamper company started in 1984 with four guiding principles – authenticity, freshness, sharing and trust – which remain central to the brand’s success today. Their collection of gifts and hampers is a celebration of artisan and independent food and wine production from all over the world. Hay Hampers is considered one of the ten best hamper companies in the UK.