National Vegetarian Week is an annual event organised by The Vegetarian Society, and this year it runs from 14th to 22nd May. To help you get involved, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite vegetarian recipes that’ll get even your most carnivorous dinner guests’ mouths watering.




Brie & Pomegranate Bruschetta

Quick and easy to prepare, and loved by almost everyone, bruschetta is always a good choice for a vegetarian dinner party starter. We’ve experimented with different flavours to come up with our taste bud-tingling brie and pomegranate bruschetta recipe, which strikes just the right balance between sweet and savoury.


Pumpkin Gnocchi

Gnocchi is surprisingly easy to prepare from scratch and can be a great way to branch out from your signature pasta dish. Our pumpkin gnocchi can be made with butternut squash or pumpkins and seasoned to your liking for a tasty and satisfying Italian meal.

Tomato Tagliatelle

When you want something quick, simple and guaranteed to be a hit, pasta is the obvious choice. Make it the typical Italian way with our authentic tomato tagliatelle recipe, which uses just five ingredients and is easy to batch-cook for when you’re expecting a lot of guests or hosting a big family gathering.


Lemon Curd, Popcorn & Primrose Cake

Light, fresh and perfect for summer, our lemon curd, popcorn and primrose cake is a Bake Off-worthy dessert. With the lemon for zest, the popcorn for crunch and the primrose for decoration, this recipe will satiate your sweet-tooth without that sickly feeling - even when you go in for your second (or third…) slice.

Chocolate Orange, Hazelnut & Port Tart

Sweet but sophisticated, our chocolate orange, hazelnut and port tart is the perfect way to polish off a dinner party. The combination of roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate and port is luxuriously rich and sweet, with the orange zest adding a little tang to top it all off.

All you need is the wine and you’re all ready to host your three-course, veggie-friendly dinner party. Happy cooking!