As passionate creators and producers of vegetarian hampers, we are delighted to take part in National vegetarian week (13th-19th-May). With over 100 different vegetarian hampers of which around 10 percent are also vegan, we are proud to support our vegetarian customers and recipients, with a wide range and choice.

Vegetarian Week
As a mother of 3 boys, aged 9 to 15, my middle son is vegetarian, and has been for a few years. Although we all enjoy vegetarian food and eat vegetarian as a family at least 3 times a week, we have developed a range of meals where we can make easy substitutions so that we can enjoy one meal type together even when we are not eating vegetarian
So here are some of my tips for catering for single vegetarians in a family without having to cook 2 completely different meals, for ease of preparation but also to feel like we are eating as a unit.

Just change the protein
- Roast dinners – where you give as much though and care to the vegetable sided dishes as the meat – then swap in a quorn protein
- Bangers and mash/toad in the hole – half with quorn sausages
- Cooked breakfast – make plenty of great veg elements such as roasted tomatoes, grilled stuffed Portobello mushrooms, sauté potatoes, poached eggs, then the meat-eaters have a sausage/bacon too.
- BBQ  - easy to add amazing vegetable kebabs, marinated and grilled halloumi or aubergine slices,
- Kofte pittas or falafel pittas
- Tacos – fill you own – present with loads of great veg plus some pulled chicken or pork

Create something great and veggie serve less to the meat eaters with some grilled fish or chicken
- A great mushroom risotto
- A spring vegetable baked rice
- Roast vegetable cous cous
- Salade nicoise – only the meateaters have the grilled tuna on it
- Pad thai – chicken served on top
- Baked gnocchi with broccoli and caper sauce – meat served on the side
- Warm brown rice salad with roasted aubergine, pine nuts and feta – some spiced lamb mince cooked and sprinkle on top
- Any veggie pasta dish – cook the meat separately and serve sepeartely
- Make a veggie casserole and serve to some with sausages.