We don’t know about you, but we are heartily missing Wimbledon Tennis championship this year! Few things signal the coming of summer like the sound of the tennis coming from the living room television.

How to recreate Wimbledon at Home

So we thought we would try to recreate the effect for ourselves at home and would pass on our ideas. 

Step one – mow the grass – get the lovely aroma of fresh mown lawn in the air and ideally the striped effect in your garden!

Step two – Prepare the jug of Pimms; ice, slices of cucumber, lemon, apple and strawberries, sprigs of fresh cut mint plus the Pimms and lemonade. And a jug of barley water for the children.

Step three – Prepare a great bowl full of freshly picked, still warm from the summer sun, English strawberries. And a jug of single cream

Step four – Set your garden seating in a line on the edge of your lawn 

Step five – Pop some classic tennis from the official Wimbledon Youtube channel and bluetooth it the sound to a wireless speaker (you can find them here).

Step six – Pop on a lovely summery outfit, some sun cream and an oversized sun hat

Step seven – Sit in the chair with a glass of Pimms in one hand, your bowl of strawberries and cream on your lap, now all you have to do it look left to right with the beat of the tennis of the soundtrack and use your imagination….

Step eight – Or -of course you could actually play the game – have a family tournament while ensuring someone has a paddy at the umpire, someone does some grunting, all while dressed head to toe in white.

Step nine – Raise aloft your own trophy at the end. Spray a paper plate silver for the ladies, or fashion a cup trophy out of silver foil – or maybe just a whole pineapple to represent the pineapple on the top of the real one!