What would make our grannies’ recipes so delicious?

They used carefully selected fruits to prepare the traditional meals and they did it with lots of love. They also used low temperature cooking methods without adding artificial colours, preservatives or additives.

At Granny’s Secret they still cook the same way our grandmas and their grandmas did. This is the reason why the taste of their jams will remind you of the warmth of granny’s kitchen.


Grannys Secret jam


Only three ingredients make jams from Granny’s Secret so delicious and rich;

High fruit content, i.e. 95g of strawberries per 100g of jam and 74g of orange per 100g of jam.

Loads of fruit but little sugar - much less than any other jams on the British market - and a bit of lemon juice.

No additives are added, it’s all natural.

In addition to this, the orange jam, which has won Double gold Great taste award 2014 and a bronze Dalemain marmalade award 2014, is made only with orange flesh and rind, then cooked into jam. For this reason, it is called jam, not a marmalade.

Granny’s Secret is all about indulgence in rich tastes, flavours, textures and high quality ingredients.

It is for people who like to be adventurous with food, for gourmets who can truly notice, appreciate and fully enjoy the traditional and authentic taste. It is the perfect ingredient in our luxury Christmas hampers for foodies.