We love our range of vegetarian tapenade pates just as they are spread on a sourdough cracker or bruschetta but in case you are seeking inspiration on how to use up the whole jar, below are some ideas.

Tapenade: how to use them

1. Mix into houmous to add an extra dimension to this versatile dip
2. Smear thinly on pizzabase in place of the tomato sauce for an intense flavour
3. Add mayonnaise and use as a sandwich spread
4. Enjoy with crudites as a dip
5. Add a spoonful to tomato sauce and use with pasta or gnocchi
6. Spoon a little of the black olive tapenade on top of a Greek salad
7. Spread it on a bagel for breakfast
8. Make a veggie burger with chickpeas, beans, tapenade, onion and fresh herbs
9. Make a salad dressing with tapenade and lemon juice – use on a pasta salad
10. Swirl into bread dough before baking for an amazing loaf
11. Add it to cream cheese and fill mini pepperdew peppers for a party nibble
12. Stuff a Portobello mushroom with tapenade and top with cheese before grilling and enjoying with a salad
13. Stuff it under chicken skin before roasting.
14. Mix it with breadcrumbs to make a topping for a rack of lamb
15. Mix a little into your Christmas stuffing mix for extra zing
16. Toss into just cooked new potatoes for a warm salad to go with fish or chicken
17. Brush over shop bought ready rolled puff pastry and use as party nibbles
18. Smear a layer into the bottom of a homemade quiche before adding the egg mixture
19. Stir a spoonful into any casserole for extra umami!
20. Add into meatball or burger mix before shaping and cooking