Don’t feel bad about it, just make sure you keep the corks and make yourself something useful in the process! Make yourself a wine cork, corkboard!

Coark board

All you need is an empty picture frame, lots of wine corks, a glue gun or some gorilla glue. 

  • 1. Remove the glass from the frame. 

  • 2. Glue the corks to the picture frame back board, on their sides, placing the most interesting element of the cork face forwards. Leave a space around the edge of the back board to make sure it fits in the frame. 

  • 3. When the majority is glued firmly, place the board into the frame. Then trim/cut corks to fit right to the edges. 

  • 4. Wait to dry and hang. You can then use it as a cork noticeboard or just appreciate the beauty of the corks and remember all those delicious bottles you have enjoyed.