Christmas is about feasting.

What elevates a normal meal into a feast? We believe it isn’t just about quantity but about all the little extras, extras like the accompaniments that we all get excited about at Christmas: rich chutneys and zingy pickles.

Chutneys and Festive accompaniments

Chutneys and pickles have long been a part of Christmas traditions. By their nature they are a way of preserving the late summer crop for use in the winter months when fresh fruit and vegetables were less available.

They also make great gifts, due to their long shelf life, you can give them now and know that the recipient can enjoy them time and again through the year.

We recommend presenting them in small bowls with little spoons with your cheeseboard or your Boxing day cold cuts spread.

For pairing recommendations we suggest:

- piccalilli with Boxing Day ham;
- real Ale Chutney with strong cheddar cheese;
- onion Marmalade with brie;
- mini pickled onions – snack on them or serve with the bubble and squeak on Boxing Day, or chop into cream cheese with grated smoked cheddar to make a zingy dip;
- cornichons – again snack on them as they are but also they go quite well with smoked fish as a vital element of tartare sauce, also lovely with cold roast beef;
- beer mustard – lovely with a Pork Pie!

Merry Chutney-time!