An Eggstravaganza of an Easter gift, great to send to those you cannot be with this Springtime to wish them Happy Easter!

easter gift


A beautiful Easter Egg, handmade by our local chocolatier with the finest quality, thick chocolate (one selected at random from our range of white, milk and dark). Plus a bottle of extra dry DOC Prosecco to celebrate and toast them with. Exquisite handmade lemon meringue handmade citrus fresh fudge with crunchy meringue pieces, shaped as a chick and eggs. Plus a very special artisan made Limoncello cream panettone. Similar to the traditional Christmas panettone but instead of dried fruit it is swirled with a rich yet refreshing Limoncello infused lemon cream similar to our lemon curd, drizzled with water icing, enjoy as an Easter desert with the whole family.

We think it is a great gift to send to parents or grown up children to keep the joy of Easter morning alive!