From own homegrown and hand-picked desserts apples, Charrington's cider is one of the brand new products that we have introduced in our vast assortment of Father’s Day hampers.




Winner of a Great Taste Award, Charrington cider is very different from traditional ciders. Firstly, it is made with top quality edible apples rather than bittersweets. Secondly, every apple used has been hand picked from the tree.

At Charrington Farm, apples are gently pressed, carefully fermented and skilfully blended in small batches.

Fine wines have their vintages and their craft ciders also display slight seasonal variations in flavour as dictated by the apples they harvest each year. However, they are always of the highest quality.

Refreshing and refined, delicious and distinctive Charrington's sparkling cider is great on their own or accompanying food. Best served chilled and in a wine glass or champagne flute.

​Forget what you think you know about cider...this cider will change your mind!