The delicate sweetness and buttery taste of Panettone is a must have Christmas gift.

Christmas Hamper with Panettone - Hay Hampers


Panettone, the sweet bread loaf originally from Milan usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year in Italy, has recently become a popular addition to the Christmas table also in the UK.

With its cupola shape, panettone contains flour, candied fruits and raisins as main ingredients.

The panettone you can find in our Christmas hampers also contains another unique ingredient. Sourdough is the core element that makes panettone from Fraccaro bakery that special.

Sourdough is a natural yeast made by long fermentation of flour and water using naturally occurring micro-organisms, which reproduce themselves by feeding the yeast and converting sugar into carbon dioxide and allow the dough to naturally leaven.

Using sourdough has many benefits such as enhancing the fragrance, taste and smell of panettone; giving natural softness and making easier to digest and metabolise cakes.

The method of using sourdough has been long abandoned due to the complex process in natural yeast conservation. Fraccaro bakery has kept this traditional method alive with enthusiasm and conviction since 1932.