Our chocolate flowers, carefully and beautifully packed in a red gift box with a personalised printed gift card, are leaving our warehouse to reach your love in time for Valentine's Day.


Chocolate flower bouquet in a box - Hay Hampers


This chocolate flower bouquet is the perfect ‘thank you’ or the sweetest "I love you" present to share with the one you love best.

The flowers are 100% edible and will make a delightful surprise when they open the flower and realise it is not real and offers them the additional treat of being able to eat them! The are all individually hand sculpted with such skill, they look like perfect specimens!

The scent they carry will fill your mouth with saliva, they smell of the only thing better than a real traditional sweet smelling rose, they smell of cocoa and vanilla!

Not only do they look exquisite and smell divine, they really do taste delicious and you can eat all of it! The petals are made with modelling white chocolate, coloured and flavoured with fruit pastes, and the stem is a single, solid cylinder of high quality dark or milk chocolate - approximately 26cm in length and 80g in weight.