The art of Cheese Pairing

Cheese is something we believe should be the feature, not an afterthought.

How to pair cheese with food and wine this Father's Day

For us at Hay Hampers, providing our customers with a good quality, locally-produced cheese and accompaniments offering is important, but passing knowledge and confidence on how to best enjoy these products is key. 

So, what are the essentials when it comes to pairing different cheeses with food and wines? Here is our advice:



This type is so wonderful because you can taste those milky, fresh flavours, so when pairing them look for food and drink that will not overpower the taste of the cheese.

Food accompaniment: Our favourite pairing at this time of year is a beautifully rich and creamy British Brie with fresh British strawberries.

Wine pairingWe love crisp, dry, young bottlings with soft cheese such as Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or a young Chardonnay. 


Food accompaniment: Hard cheeses have got to be our favourite, whether it’s a mature Cheddar or a nutty Pecorino, they are a real treat. We like to have ours with a good preserve such as homemade chilli jam or quince jelly.

Wine pairing: The fresh, ripe red fruits of Côtes du Rhône or a young Barbera are good options.



Food accompanimentA great way to eat blue cheese such as Stilton is with gorgeous ripe gritty pears, truffle honey or with strong dark chocolate.

Wine pairingFor milder, creamy blues we would say Sauternes or Riesling, for a strong blue Vin Santo or a full-body red wine such as the king of Italian reds, Barolo.