Last Christmas we introduced the Black as Coal cheese to the range of cheeses in our hamper. It is a cheese infused with activated charcoal, giving it a black as night colour, but a taste that is identical to cheddar but sort of cooler and creamier (it is tricky to explain until you try it!).

Cheese on toast for mum this Mother's Day

In theory, the activated charcoal is also good for you, combining with toxins in your intestinal tract so that are removed from your body before being absorbed.

"My art college background means I can’t help looking for new and innovative ways to draw!" explains Katy. "So it struck me that we could have some fun, using it to draw with in combination with a regular cheese on the ‘canvas’ of toast."

It is so creamy that once out of the truckle you can cut or mould it into thin shapes and the put grated regular cheddar around it, and heat it under the grill until it all melts and becomes a cheese drawing.

Here is what we at Hay Hampers came up with: our logo, a happy face and a heart… some quite fun options for breakfast in bed for your mum on Mother's Day!