Get ready for Bonfire night and celebrate properly.

Whoosh, pop, fizz! Oooh Ahhh! The sounds of Bonfire night, from a bottle of our Prosecco!


 Prosecco Celebration - Hay Hampers


Prosecco is great as an aperitif, a wonderful 'celebratory' drink and it goes well with starters made of cured meats and fish, pasta and risotto made with vegetables and fish and is an excellent choice for spicy Asian food. It is great whether on Bonfire Night, on Christmas festivities or for any other celebration.

Prosecco Case - Hay Hampers

This case of Prosecco offers a truly great opportunity to really understand the nuanced differences between these three standards of DOCG Prosecco. All three Prosecco wines are DOCG products (i.e. Controlled Designation of Origin Guaranteed, which is a quality assurance label provided by the EU for Italian food products, especially wines). This means that they come exclusively from the hills north of Treviso, around Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the most original, specific and precious area for Prosecco. On the other hand, the Prosecco you usually find in supermarkets is a DOC product (i.e. Controlled Designation of Origin) and can be produced in whole north-east of Italy.

All these Prosecco varieties are produced by Fratelli Bortolin and imported in the UK by Hay Hampers. The Extra Dry is made with grapes from this very special DOCG area. It has a pale yellow colour and intense aromatic fruity scents with hints of golden apple, acacia and wysteria. The Extra Dry Ru is made from graped grown in the higher grounds of this special DOCG area and such are of a superior quality. The grapes are carefully selected for their small size and sparse clusters from vines with low productivity. It has a very fine perlage and creamy, delicate aroma of ripe grapes