When it comes to Christmas, the cheeseboard is more than just a gathering of different cheeses on a platter. It can be a foodie’s dream, an event on its own and a reason to gather family and friends together. For sure, it’s an occasion to purchase special cheeses that don’t come out at any other time of year and also to sample some new and exciting produce.

Blue Christmas

A cheeseboard without a blue is a rare sight, particularly at Christmas, but which of the myriad of options out there do you prefer?

It’s all too easy to stick to what you know and personally like. Newcomers to blue may discover a penchant for a heavier cheese, while those who claim to only eat the boldest could come away with an appreciation of a more delicate flavour profile. So which side are you on?

On one hand, a rich, spicy blue will delight aficionados and likely prove to be particularly popular during the upcoming season of indulgence, but equally Christmas offers an annual opportunity to engage non-fans of blue with a lighter, mellower option.

Stilton is much loved and typical on a Christmas cheeseboard. One reason for this is that the Stilton available in December has often been made using the rich, end of summer milk produced in August and September. This milk gives the Stilton a delicious, full flavour – a real treat to savour over the festive season.

So blue cheese has traditionally been associated with the winter, but that really isn’t the case. Today, with the renaissance in the artisan British cheese industry that started in the late 1980s, there is a great range of blue cheese being made that uses different types of milk that can be enjoyed throughout the year.