Is your Dad one of the merry band of Alpha males who takes control of the apron and cooking tongs every time the BBQ makes an appearance? We have just the products for you to treat him for Father’s Day to enhance the experience.


 fathers day gift


Vacu Vin Barbecue Cooler/Cool Plate

The Cool Plate consists of a base, transparent cover and stainless steel plate. A cooling element is incorporated, providing the ideal solution to keep meat, fish or poultry chilled. Simply keep the cooling element in the freezer and place under the stainless steel plate before use! The transparent cover makes it perfect for picnics and barbecues. Also ideal for salads, cheese, hors d’oeuvres, cake and sushi, for indoor and outdoor use. Protects food from insects (Ref: X006 on; £24.95).


Vacu Vin Instant Marinater 2,5L

The Instant Marinater is an unique dish that marinates and tenderizes meat, fish, chicken and vegetables in just minutes, saving time. It works by creating a vacuum which opens up the pores and fibers of the meat allowing for a deep and instant marinate! This process also tenderizes the food. Marinating foods adds delicious flavours and protects them from the heat of the barbecue, grill, oven or pan. For meat, fish, poultry and vegetables; ideal also for Home Cooking (Ref: X007 on; £21.95).