Much appreciated overseas, Stilton cheese is traditionally a synonym of Christmas and the unmissable ingredient in luxury Christmas hampers.


Cropwell Bishop Stilton - Hay Hampers


Among all things English, Blue Stilton is one of the most tasty, traditional and worldwide-known. This cheese is so highly regarded that it is one of a handful of British varieties to have been granted protected trademark status by the European Commission. Only Stilton made from pasteurised cow’s milk in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire can legally use the name. Every cheese is graded before leaving the dairy to ensure only cheese of the highest quality is marketed under the Stilton name.

There are just six dairies in the world licenced to make Stilton cheese. The Blue Stilton you get from Hay Hampers is produced by Cropwell Bishop in Nottinghamshire, the last family-owned Stilton producer in the UK with more than 160 years of cheese-making experience. Over the years, Cropwell Bishop have won many awards including Supreme Champion Cheese at the prestigious Nantwich International Cheese Show.

Cropwell Bishop have 15 farms that supply them with all their milk, and they are all family-run businesses like their own., Their farmers are like extended family to Cropwell Bishop Creamery. Their Head Cheese-maker Mario has been at the Dairy for more than 30 years.