From the millennial Iranian expertise, the finest quality caviar. Our Royal Select Caviar is made by white sturgeons farmed in Italy.




It has large eggs (from 2.8 to 3 mm) with a very delicate and creamy taste. The colour varies from dark grey to slightly clear, sometimes with amber veins. As the skin is very delicate, thin and fragile, it is better to handle it as less as possible to avoid egg breakages. The flavour is so delicate that it can be appreciated at its best on its own without extra seasoning.

Zohouri H.G. Hossein, an expert Iranian ‘Salt Master’ from Iran Darya, personally ensures the process of egg salting since the late 80’s.

This delicious, authentic caviar can be enjoyed in our luxury Christmas hampers, such as the Champagne, Caviar and Belgian Chocolates gift



champagne and caviar