Hay Hampers’ brand and photography is being showcased in Venice as one of the most interesting examples of graphic communication.


Hamper Photography


In an exhibition open to the public until 23rd June, the International School of Graphics in Venice is featuring Hay Hampers’ catalogue together with other carefully chosen examples of premium brand photography and graphic design created by the Italian communications agency, O-Zone. 

The exhibition is in celebration of the 20-year anniversary of O-Zone and it has been launched with the hashtag #veneziaritorna (which translates to: Venice come back). The intriguing advertising campaign, which has been created to show how O-Zone’s passion for creativity, quality and beautiful presentation is always linked to awareness of major social and political problems, invites people to express an opinion on some of the hottest topics in Venice. ‘Where can we host the tourists?’ is one of those questions, highlighting how much Venice is losing its city dimension to become an open-air museum with no space for the Venetians.

Federico Zattarin, Managing Director at O-Zone, stated: “Hay Hampers has been chosen as a showcase because they have been able to successfully position their brand in the niche market of top-end, gourmet food available to everyone through efficient communication and knowledge of modern topics such as waste-reduction and recycling”.

Elisabeth Och, MD of Hay Hampers, commented: “We are extremely honoured to have been chosen from thousands of projects and to be able to show a typically British tradition such as food hampers in one of most appreciated countries for food such as Italy. Art has always reflected – and influenced – life in Venice, and it’s great to see so many modern examples of the way that images can express and affect ideas.”